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Why should Manjish Glow Elixir® only be used at night?


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  • Judith Derancourt

    I already addressed my biggest question: I use Kerahsadi and want to order Manjish and Eye butter.  I plan to order the travel-size kit with smaller bottles of K, M and hair oil. What should I conclude about the simultaneous use of the above products and the 4-product skin care kit with arose Toner, scrub, serum, etc. 

    I feel your in-general product descriptors should be re-looked in order to better serve your customers. It would really help us if you addressed product differences and interchangeability. Help your customers be clear right from the start: whether it's email, online, or Instagram. 

    Thanks. I'm a good ambassador for The Ayurveda Experience. I love the idea that people will, through your products, be inspired to learn more about Ayurvedic principles in philosophy, health care and nutrition. 

    Great job, y'all. ❤️


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